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Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that can damage the optic nerve and cause visual disturbance and blindness. It is usually caused by high eye pressure. Also known as the silent thief of vision, Glaucoma is often asymptomatic and can go undiagnosed in early stages.

How to prevent Glaucoma ?

If you are at risk for Glaucoma, American Academy Of Ophthalmology recommends comprehensive eye check up according to this schedule.

Less than 40 of age –every 2 to 5 years
40-54 years – every 1-3 years
55-64 years – every 1-2 years
> 65 years – every 1-2 years
How is Glaucoma diagnosed ?
Detailed history regarding symptoms and risk factors is taken
Intraocular (eye )pressure is checked using tonometry
Gonioscopy to check drainage angle of eye
Optic nerve examination for any variation in size as compared to normal
Visual field examination
Corneal thickness measurement
OCT- to measure thickness of retinal nerve fibre layer which is useful for early detection as well as monitoring Glaucoma

How is Glaucoma treated ?

Eye drops/ Medications:

Your doctor will prescribe the best suited medication to control eye pressure. Since Glaucoma is a lifelong condition, you may need to use eye drops daily for life.

Laser treatment:

This will reduce your eye pressure by reliving any blockage of fluid drainage in your eyes. LASER can supplement the use of eye drops, but it cannot completely replace them.


Although more invasive, surgery can lead to better and quicker eye pressure control. Depending on the type and severity of Glaucoma, your eye doctor will choose the best surgical option.

The aim of Glaucoma treatment is to preserve whatever vision you have by controlling eye pressure .It is important to understand that all these modalities of treatment are helpful to slow down or prevent further vision loss. They cannot restore already lost vision or cure Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition where follow up is as important as treatment.

Why Aarya eye care for Glaucoma ?

At Aarya eye care, with our state-of-the-art technology, well trained and experienced ophthalmologists are fully equipped to detect Glaucoma in its early stage and provide comprehensive management.

In addition to high quality imaging, our state-of-the-art Revo FC OCT machine provides the option of non contact Gonioscopy which offers utmost comfort to the patient. Even minute changes in your optic nerve, which is a clue to progression of the disease can be picked up early.

Our comprehensive Glaucoma check up includes:

Eye pressure check up
HFA Humphrey Analyser (24-2 Sita fast)
OCT Anterior(CCT)
Doctor consultation

Are you struggling with eye issues ?
Talk to our experts today !

Are you struggling with eye issues ?

Talk to our experts today !

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