Advantages of LASIK

Corrective and transformative procedure.
Rapid recovery and minimal discomfort
Immediate noticeable vision Improvement
Precise nature of treatment with advances in technology.
Helped millions achieve clearer vision and freedom from glasses and contact lenses.
Lasik Treatment


TransPRK or Trans-Epithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy, is a type of laser eye surgery used to correct refractive vision problems such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. Unlike traditional PRK or LASIK, TransPRK is a no-touch, all-laser procedure that eliminates the need for creating a corneal flap. We utilise the SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems for a touch-less, blood-less, non invasive and safe TransPRK experience that is gentle on the eyes. The corneal epithelium heals naturally over the reshaped cornea after the procedure and takes only a few days to a week.

Who is eligible for Lasik ?

The procedure does not suit everyone. Before the surgery, your eye surgeon will conduct a thorough eye examination to determine your eligibility for the procedure. This includes measuring your eye’s refractive error and assessing your overall eye health.

LASIK at Aarya Eye Care

We are proud to have introduced the cutting-edge technology of TransPRK LASIK Treatment in Thrissur. At Aarya, we believe in comprehensive care. Our seasoned surgeons, known for their expertise, utilize state-of-the-art tools for personalized LASIK solutions. Your individual needs are our top priority, and we’re here to listen, answer your questions, and ensure your comfort throughout the process.

Are you struggling with eye issues ?
Talk to our experts today !

Are you struggling with eye issues ?

Talk to our experts today !

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