Aarya Eye Care takes pride in its dedicated Oculoplasty department, which includes a fully equipped specialised theatre for this procedure.

This department focuses on improving how faces look, treating issues around the eyes, and rebuilding facial areas.At Aarya Eye Care, we conduct surgeries for improved appearance, address medical concerns, manage injuries, administer Botox injections, and offer a range of eye care services.

What is Oculoplastics ?

Oculoplastics is a specialised field within Ophthalmology that focuses on the surgical and non-surgical management of conditions related to the structures around the eyes. These structures include the eyelids, orbits (eye sockets), tear ducts (nasolacrimal system), and the adjacent facial areas.

Enhanced Eye Health: Treats eye-related issues like drooping eyelids, tearing, and obstructions, improving vision and comfort.
Aesthetic Enhancement: Cosmetic procedures rejuvenate the eye area, boosting self-confidence.
Trauma Care: Expert treatment for eye injuries and fractures preserves function and appearance.
Eyelid Reconstruction: Restores eyelids after damage, ensuring proper function and facial symmetry.
Minimally Invasive: Swift recovery with tiny incisions for many procedures.

What do we offer ?

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
Functional Eyelid Surgery
Reconstructive Surgery
Reconstructive Surgery
Tear Duct Surgery

Are you struggling with eye issues ?
Talk to our experts today !

Are you struggling with eye issues ?

Talk to our experts today !

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