Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities


Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights as our Patient:

Right for personal dignity and privacy during examination, procedures and treatment.
Right to protect from neglect or abuse.
Right to keep your treatment information confidential.
Right to obtain informed consent before carrying out procedures.
Right to voice the complaint and information on how to voice a complaint.
Right to know about the expected cost of treatment.
Right to access your clinical records.

Your responsibility as our patient:

Provide complete and accurate information including full name, address and other information.
To provide complete and accurate information about your health including present condition, past illness and hospitalization.
Abide by all hospital rules and regulations:
● Comply with the no-smoking policy
● Treat hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect
To be on time in case of appointments. To cancel or reschedule as far in advance in case of cancellation or rescheduling of the appointments.
To respect that some other patients medical condition may be more urgent than yours and accept that your doctor may need to attend them first.
To attend follow-up appointment as requested.
Not to take any medications without the knowledge of your doctor.

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Are you struggling with eye issues ?

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