Squint or Strabismus is a condition where the eyes look in different directions, focusing on different objects at the same time. While there are superstitions saying that this condition is lucky, people with Squint eyes actually do have a problem: The eyes are misaligned in such a way, that when the person looks straight ahead with one eye, the other eye could look inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards.

Notably, strabismus interferes with normal eye-contact, often causing embarrassment, anger, and feelings of awkwardness, thereby affecting social communication in a fundamental way, with a possible negative effect on self-esteem.

Treatments for Squint

Laser Therapy : This is often used to treat diabetic retinopathy by sealing or destroying abnormal blood vessels in the retina. It can help slow the progression of the disease.
Intravitreal Injections : Medications can be injected in the eye to reduce swelling and abnormal blood vessel growth.
Surgery : urgical correction of strabismus is an Option, when other treatments are not effective or when there is a significant misalignment. During surgery, eye muscles are adjusted to improve alignment.

We provide surgical correction of most types of Squint, from paediatric to adult, and from cosmetic to functional. If treated timely, the surgery has a good outcome.

Are you struggling with eye issues ?
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Are you struggling with eye issues ?

Talk to our experts today !

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